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Integrity And Efficiency Sole Criteria For Inspectors Posting – Khattar To D.G.P.

-Pawan Kumar Bansal||

NEW-DELHI, Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana who had to retain , D.G.P. S.N. Vashisth reportedly , despite his commitment to other Cop, has stated showing his authority in matter of posting of Police Officers from Inspectors to District heads and Inspector Generals of Police ranges and Commissionaires in the State.manohar-lal-khattar

Highly placed sources told that in recent meeting of Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police , Khattar reportedly asked D.G.P. Vashisth to appoint inspectors in Police stations only and only on the basis of their integrity and efficiency ignoring the political and other considerations List of Inspectors will show as upto what extent D.G.P. Vashisth , has followed the directions of chief minister..Inspectors appointed as head of important police stations plays a major role in building the image of Police and it is they who remain in direct touch with the people. Hither too inspectors were appointed on political and case considerations. Some of the Inspectors enjoying political patronage were even bypassing their S.P.,s.Some of the Inspectors posted in N.C.R even used to watch the financial interests of senior officers.

Even the posting of Inspector Generals of Police and Commissioners was delayed as Khattar had done a marathon exercise to check the credentials of Police Officers.According to sources even a Union Minister who wanted a particular I.P.S. officer posted in his district was not obliged. Admittedly that since Khattar has no past exposure in dealing with Cops ,hence some controversial officers also managed good postings but they are under scanner of Chief Minister and they themselves are working cautiously. When an M.L.A complained to chief minister against S.P. of his district that he does not listens to him, Khattar reportedly adopted a cautious approach and advised the M.L.A not to make it a prestige issue.

Following the directions of Chief Minister:

Superintendents of Police (SPs) and senior officers have started sitting in their offices.Even Vashisth is feeling sigh of relief under new regime as during Hooda,s tenure , a top cop having political ambitions and close to Hooda used to interfere in functioning of department.. Hooda used to ask Vashisth to consult the particular Police officer. Khattar was saved from major embarrassment as he had resisted all lobbying for appointment of an I.A.S officers belonging to Punjabi community as his O.S.D. The concerned officer is now found in a scandal of allotting land.

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