Home In Number One Haryana Hooda Had Filed A Criminal Complaint Lodged With Chandigarh Police..

In Number One Haryana Hooda Had Filed A Criminal Complaint Lodged With Chandigarh Police..

-Pawan Kumar Banasal||
NEW-DELHI. Is chief minister of Haryana empowered that he can order closing of a criminal case registered in Chandigarh which is not under jurisdiction of Haryana Govt.Documents received under Right to Information Act by Murari Lal of Bhiwani has come with shocking revelations that not only Home Secretary of Chandigarh, Anil Kumar but then Haryana Chief Secretary S.C.Choudhary and then chief minister , Bhupinder Hooda had abused their authority for hushing up a complaint lodged with Chandigarh Police for registration of criminal Bhupinder-Singh-Hoodacase against,K.S.Sangwan, project director of socio, economic and educational survey and members of Haryana Backward Classes Commission who had recommended reservation for Jats and some other castes in Haryana Govt. services on basis of forged data submitted by Sangwan.It is clear case in which pliable officers and Chief minister entered into criminal conspiracy to scuttle the process of justice.
In his complaint, Murarilal has alleged that Sangwan who was appointed by Hooda for conducting survey has forged data for personal gains.On this complaint, Inspector General of Police has recommended to Home Secretary, Chandigarh that considering inter state ramifications it should be probed by some independent agency preferably by C.B.I.
Haryana cadre I.A.S officer ,Anil Kumar instead of discussing the matter with the Administrator of Chandigarh sent the case of Haryana Govt.
Here blue eyed officers of Bhupinder Hooda led by then Chief Secretary ,S.C.Choudhary who was later accommodated by Hooda planned a strategy to hush up the sensitive matter.File should have returned back to Chandigarh Administration as in a criminal compliant Haryana Govt. has no no powers to act.But the case was sent to Home departmentwhich sent it to Vigilance Department.Vigilance department wrote that since they investigate only corruption cases hence it should be probed either by Police or some other independent agency.
File was put up before Hooda who asked Chief Secretary to give his opinion on the case.
Pliable chief secretary recommended on file that since the matter of granting reservation by taken by Haryana Cabinet after due deliberation hence there is no need to enquire into the allegations which are of vague nature and hence the case should be filed.Chief Secretary closed the file after noting that Chief Minister has seen and he agrees with recommendations.
It is interesting to note here that allegations of complainant were proved true as Hooda later awarded K.S.Sangwan who was accused of forging date by appointing him Chairman of all powerful teachers selection board with status of a minister.

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