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बीबीसी हिंदी सेवा को चाहिए नया संपादक..

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बीबीसी हिंदी सेवा को नया संपादक चाहिए. इस पद पर नियुक्ति के लिए बीबीसी की वेब साईट पर  एक विज्ञापन प्रकाशित किया गया है. बीबीसी हिंदी सेवा के प्रमुख पद से अमित बरुआ के इस्तीफे के बाद से यह पद अस्थाई तौर पर नील करी के पास है.  नील करी स्थायी संपादक चुनने में सक्रिय भूमिका निभाएंगे. नया संपादक मिलने के बाद वे वापस लंदन लौट जाएंगे. बीबीसी की वेबसाइट पर बीबीसी हिंदी सेवा के लिए संपादक की तलाश से संबंधित विज्ञापन जारी कर दिया गया है. अप्लाई करने की अंतिम तारीख 7 अक्टूबर 2012 है.

ये है बीबीसी हिंदी सेवा के संपादक के लिए विज्ञापन…


Designation: Editor, Hindi Service

Reports to: Head of Journalism, WS Languages

Department: WS Languages

Directorate: BBC World Service

Location: Delhi

Grade: Local terms and conditions

Closing date for applications : 7 October 2012 at 11:59pm


To lead the development of the BBC Hindi service and its staff across all output and platforms and to provide editorial and strategic direction for BBC Hindi and contribute to the direction of the BBC as a whole in India.


To be responsible for all Hindi Service journalism, on all platforms and in all languages and to ensure editorial and production excellence throughout.

To contribute to the editorial understanding of India across the BBC as a whole.

To commission and originate compelling output relevant to key audiences and with a full understanding of the BBC’s global reach and agenda.

To re-launch bbc.hindi.com, with a global India agenda to have increased impact in the market and bring the BBC to a new generation of the Hindi audience

Working closely with Head of Journalism and the WS Language Management team and along with the Controller, Digital & Technology and Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific lead BBC Hindi strategy across all platforms, in this fast moving and competitive market.

Work closely with the Newsgathering Bureau Editor, Delhi on the further development of the BBC News India operation and on the further integration of the newsgathering operation.

Working with World Service Languages News and Deployments Editor and Planning Editor, establish effective systems for delivery of Hindi Service journalism to the rest of the BBC.

To develop the BBC Hindi team, to meet the challenges of new output and new platforms, leading them in making a greater contribution to the rest of the BBC’s output in English. To be responsible for assessment, training and development of staff. To set objectives and appraise the team.

To lead the Hindi reporting staff in the field and to develop the skills needed to provide content for a changing agenda and multi platform, multi lingual offer to the audience.

Lead the plans for the development of a BBC Hindi TV offer.

Work with Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific on growing and developing Hindi Service partnerships across platforms.

To manage and monitor programme expenditure within the Business Plan so as to meet financial targets in close consultation with the Business Manager

To provide advice to other BBC departments on relevant target area affairs. This may involve participation in the output of other World Service or BBC departments

To follow closely technological development affecting the Hindi Service operations

To work in close co-ordination with counterparts in the region


Fluent spoken and written Hindi and English

Proven experience of top level journalism in the digital field and digital production skills.

Experience of high impact original journalism.

A thorough understanding of the BBC’s Global agenda and of India’s international role.

Fair knowledge and understanding of India’s digital media market

Experience of leading a sizeable team through considerable change, e.g. platform changes, acquiring new skills etc.

Experience of managing budgets and the commitment to achieving the most efficient and cost effective use of resources

Has the personal characteristics to advocate the BBC’s values and behaviours; and provide the inspiration for staff commitment around these values


The following competencies (behaviours and characteristics) have been identified as key to success in the job. Successful candidates are expected to demonstrate these competencies.

Editorial Judgement – demonstrates balanced and objective judgment based on a thorough understanding of BBC editorial guidelines, target audience, programme and department objectives. Makes the right editorial decisions, taking account of conflicting views where necessary.

Strategic Thinking – Can identify a vision along with the plans which need to be implemented to meet the end goal. Evaluates situations, decisions, issues, etc. in the short, medium and longer-term.

Analytical Thinking – Able to simplify complex problems, processes or projects into component parts, explore and evaluate them systematically. Able to identify causal relationships, and construct frameworks, for problem-solving and/or development

Decision Making – Is ready and able to take the initiative, originate action and be responsible for the consequences of the decision made.

Imagination / Creative Thinking – Is able to transform creative ideas/impulses into practical reality. Can look at existing situations and problems in novel ways and come up with creative solutions.

Planning and Organisation – Is able to think ahead in order to establish an efficient and appropriate course of action for self and others. Prioritises and plans activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors such as deadlines, staffing and resources requirements.

Leadership – Ability to create a vision and inspire others to realise it irrespective of circumstances.

Resilience – Can maintain personal effectiveness by managing own emotions in the face of pressure, set backs or when dealing with provocative situations. Can demonstrate an approach to work that is characterised by commitment, motivation and energy.

Influencing and Persuading – Ability to present sound and well-reasoned arguments to convince others. Can draw from a range of strategies to persuade people in a way that results in agreement or behaviour change.

Communication – The ability to get one’s message understood clearly by adopting a range of styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the audience and the nature of the information.

Talent Management – Is able to recognise potential (managerial, professional, artistic or otherwise) and is willing to foster the development of that potential. Creates a climate in which potential can be realised.

Change Management – Can understand and anticipate the need for change. Builds frameworks to plan and manage the continuous process of change.

Business Management – Is able to understand commercial imperatives and trading relationships, appropriately applies business principles in terms of costs, the market and added value.

Managing relationships – Able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a range of people.

Self Development – Is able to identify and apply opportunities for learning and development.

(A job specification is a written statement of the essential characteristics of the job, with its principal accountabilities, incorporating a note of the skills, knowledge and experience required for a satisfactory level of performance. This is not intended to be a complete, detailed account of all aspects of the duties involved.)

अप्लाई करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें– बीबीसी करियर

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मीडिया दरबार के मॉडरेटर 1979 से पत्रकारिता से जुड़े हैं. एक साप्ताहिक से शुरूआत के बाद अस्सी के दशक में स्वतंत्र पत्रकार बतौर खोजी पत्रकारिता में कदम रखा, हिंदी के अधिकांश राष्ट्रीय अख़बारों में हस्ताक्षर. उसी दौरान राजस्थान के अजमेर जिले के एक सशक्त राजनैतिक परिवार द्वारा एक युवती के साथ किये गए खिलवाड़ पर नवभारत टाइम्स के लिए लिखी रिपोर्ट वरिष्ठ पत्रकार श्री मिलाप चंद डंडिया की पुस्तक "मुखौटों के पीछे - असली चेहरों को उजागर करते पचास वर्ष" में भी संकलित की गयी है. कुछ समय के लिए चौथी दुनियां के मुख्य उपसंपादक रहे किन्तु नौकरी कर पाने के लक्खन न होने से तेईस दिन में ही चौथी दुनिया को अलविदा कह आये. नब्बे के दशक से पिछले दशक तक दूरदर्शन पर समसामयिक विषयों पर प्रायोजित श्रेणी में कार्यक्रम बनाते रहे. अब वैकल्पिक मीडिया पर सक्रिय.
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